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What’s New in Email Marketing?

“The money is in the list.”


This is a well-worn bit of wisdom among those who make a living off the Internet.  And don’t think this is just limited to internet marketers.  Virtually every business, specially offline businesses, will encourage you to give them your e-mail address in exchange for a discount or subscriber-only offer.


Having a way to reach out to your audience ensures you’ll always have the attention of the people who have come to trust you, and the advice you can share about your business niche.


If you haven’t made your site easily accessible via mobile, here’s a quick and free way to do it.  Thank me in the comments below after you’ve taken care of it :)


Email Marketing Trends for 2012


If you haven’t thought of a strategy about how you’re going to deal with mobile content, start right now.  Better late than never.


An e-mail marketing report recently released stated that by the second half of last year, 27% of all e-mails opened were opened via mobile device.  This was up from 20% at the beginning of 2011.


Tablets are following the same trend.  A survey indicated that the most popular daily use for a tablet were browsing, with 67%, followed by e-mail at 54%.


If you think that’s slowing down, or leveling out, I’d say guess again.  A report published last month revealed that email opens on smartphones and tablets have increased by 80% in the last 6 months!


email marketing


So how are the big boys handling it?


Slow To Catch Up


It seems not well.


More than a third of e-mail marketing companies have absolutely no plan about how to deal with e-mail for mobile devices.


It’s like they’re on autopilot and don’t even care about the end-user experience.


A big NO-NO.


Less than a third of the companies even test their e-mail marketing campaigns.


To me it’s a no-braininer to try to maximize your e-mail marketing strategy.  Why?  Did you know that for every dollar you spend on e-mail marketing, you earn $44.25 back on average?


If the money is on the list, as they say, why not do everything you can to take care of that list?


How To Optimize Your E-mail for Mobile


If you use MailChimp, then you’re a few tweaks away from making your e-mails mobile-ready.  Similar e-mail providers offer the same.


MailChimp allows you to specify whether you’d like the user to receive their e-mails in plain-text (no images), HTML (standard-width with images), or in a mobile-friendly format.


You’ll find the options under List Settings > List Name & Defaults:



MailChimp offers customizable mobile-friendly templates that are pre-measured for an optimal experience on a mobile device:



As I’ve pointed out before, the most frustrating experience for me, or any smartphone or table user (a big group!) is having to deal with clunky websites that don’t look good on your devices, or are slow to load.


Apply the latest trends and don’t lose subscribers for failing to adapt.


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  1. Dionne says:

    Great info. Working to fix that this weekend. Any tips for those of us who use Aweber?

    • Rich says:

      Hi Dione! Thanks for stopping by.

      Not for Aweber, unfortunately. Not familiar. Although I hear they have excellent customer service online.


  2. Carolina says:

    Hi, I’m traveling in Mexico. Love your stuff!

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