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According to Technorati, 95% of blogs in the web are abandoned before they ever hit their first year mark.  Often abandoned before the blogger sees any significant benefit from having launched it in the first place.  Most people stop blogging for very specific reasons:


  The money they thought they could make from it never fully materializes.

  They run out of ideas and topics to blog about.

 They never gain meaningful traction and fail to gain a following.

  Their blog gets lost in the noise and chatter.


The sad truth is, every one of the issues above are easily fixable, if you know exactly how to take action.  Everything is “figure-outable”.  Unfortunately, most people don’t stick around long enough with it to figure it all out.


 You can turn your platform into a viable business… if you follow little-know design cues.

 You can have an infinite number of topics… if you know how to properly research your topic.

 You can gain traction and a following… if you know the right words to engage your audience.

 You can rise above the noise… if you know how to maximize seldom-used channels.


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Shel Horowitz – Author of Business Best-Seller- Guerilla Marketing Goes Green


This is why I created the guide “7 Days to a Better Web Platform“.  It is based on work I’ve done with clients and research drawn from my own experience.  With this guide, you’ll be able to optimize your blog and instantly start polishing up your platform.


Better yet, it won’t take forever.  Just 7 days is all you need to turn your blog around.  You’ll learn:


Day #1:  How to refocus your blog and get rid of the #1 enemy of traction for a blog.

Day #2:  Where to find your core audience (your future loyal fans) and get the best research data for free.

Day #3:  How to engage with your audience by employing a simple technique used by the best writers.

Day #4:  How to attract more readers.  Lure them in with “virtual” honey.

Day #5:  How to create an emotional connection with your blog’s most misused asset.

Day #6:  How to convert visitors into fans.  You only have 5 seconds… make them count!

Day #7:  How to expand your reach, take your blog places you haven’t dreamed of.


All that and more (worksheets, resources, tips) free with the “7 Days to a Better Web Platform” guide:




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