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Top 10 Lessons the Wisdom of Yoda Can Teach You About Entrepreneurship

Of all the characters in the Star Wars movie franchise, none is more famous or revered than Yoda, the wise, backward-talking, green mini-Confucius. Whenever Luke Skywalker needed some guidance to fight the forces of Darth Vader’s evil empire, Yoda was there to say just the right thing Luke needed hear to continue his journey.


Flickr @ yapsnaps


Turns out the wisdom of Yoda is far-reaching. Below are 10 lessons you can learn from Yoda about entrepreneurship:


Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #10


What are you afraid of losing to give up your dreams? To surrender the pursuit of what you’re passionate about? Everything material is replaceable. Your job can be gone with the stroke of an accountant’s pen or as a result of a bad sales quarter. What are you willing to lose to win back your freedom?



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #9


To build something that matters, world and life changing, you need to have patience. It won’t come overnight. Steady wins the race. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day.



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #8


Realize that everything you’ve been taught, practically from birth, is to prepare you to be a replaceable cog in a machine. Are your business decision based on outdated dogmas or are you willing to let your creative side have a shot at running things?



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #7


Most people get by through life trying to brute-force their way to success. Do things the way average people do them, don’t be surprised when you get average results. When will you stop playing checkers like everyone else and start playing chess?



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #6


What gets done, gets measured. Don’t change tactics just because that’s what the person ahead of you is doing. Take control of your business and logically think things through. It’s not about boldly marching forward following someone else’s lead. You may be following the guy or gal ahead of you right off a cliff.



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #5


I spoke at length about generosity last week and its usefulness as a blog content strategy. The person you help today may be the one to save your skin tomorrow.



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #4


Paralysis by analysis, called this is. Waiting for perfect sailing conditions and you may never leave the harbor. No one know what’s ahead, so launch and be nimble enough to make adjustments on the way.



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #3


What’s stopping you from launching your entrepreneurial adventure? Is it some vague, can’t-put-your-finger-on-it reason? Or are those just stalling tactics? Put down to paper what your real fears are and their worst-case scenario, should they come true. I bet for every scenario you conjure up you’ll be able to come up with a way to overcome it. Turn on that bedroom light and watch those monsters crawl back under the bed.



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #2


Your mindset is the biggest determinant factor in your success. It’s really all in your head. Believe you can and obstacles will become mere speed-bumps. But you have to believe in yourself and your plans. You won’t see progress until you’ve sold yourself on your own idea first.


And the number one lesson you can learn from Yoda about entrepreneurship is…



Wisdom of Yoda – Quote #1


You can. And you will.


Flickr @ Myles Braithwaite

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