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Want Freedom in Your Life to Travel and Do Work That Matters?
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The Road to Location Independence

Defining “Location Independence”


“It is the ability to design a lifestyle around the concept of workplace-freedom.”


The terms “location independent” and “digital nomad” are often interchangeable.  I’ll stick to “location independent”, since it more accurately reflects the goal I want you to achieve.


Changing the Paradigm


What is a “paradigm”?  It’s been defined as what you automatically think about, before you really think about it. When I mention the word “work” what most likely will come to mind are the following ideas (the work paradigm):  Getting up early every morning. Going to an office or job site.  Working for a shift of anywhere between 8 to 12 hours.


Being location-independent means creating a lifestyle that allows you to generate income, or “work”, without the need to:


-Get up early at the same time (Unless you choose to).


-Go to an office or workplace (Work from wherever there’s an Internet connection – or not).


-Make your “work-shift” last as long as you’d like (Work 10 hours if you’re feeling productive, little, if any, on the days you’re having too much fun doing something else).


Becoming location independent does not mean signing up for a get-rich-quick scheme.  It entails a long-term commitment.


It means to consistently do what is necessary to achieve and maintain the lifestyle that you’ve created for yourself.


How To Get On The Path to Location Independence


Remote Work/Telecommuting


The easiest way to get a taste for location independence is to enter a job with a telecommuting agreement in place.  You’re usually required to be available during regular business hours and occasionally be asked to check in at the office.


This site is not about that type of work, though many of the strategies presented will aid a remote worker be more productive and have more time for themselves.


Online Freelancing


A freelancer is someone with a skill, or skills, that goes into business for themselves.  They choose who they work with and what they work on.  Think of them as consultants, but that actually DO work, as opposed to tell you HOW it’s done.


Most freelancers’ work is conducted online, which enables them to do their work from anywhere in the world they choose.  This usually entails they have an Internet connection or that they can get the work delivered to their clients some other way.


This is a popular option for people with skills that can be utilized away from an office:


Web-designers and developers, photographers, writers, graphic designers and programmers… are a few of the occupations suitable for freelance work from anywhere in the world.


If your skills fit this category, you can quickly start making money on the side by offering your services… however…


The drawback is that freelancers need clients.  This can be hit or miss if they’re starting out.


Another possible negative is that clients often need jobs completed by a set deadline.  If a freelancer needs money and doesn’t have steady clients, he/she may have to take on rush jobs and have their time dominated by deadlines.


Even if you live in a beach-front home, it’s like being locked in a proverbial birdcage in paradise: beauty all around, but trapped and unable to enjoy it.


Is there a better way?




How?  By…


Building an Online Business Platform


(Note:  Video coming soon! Sign up above/below to be notified of updates)


An online business platform is the medium that you choose to communicate and solve

your audience’s problems and/or fulfill their needs.


While for most people this means it will be a website or blog, the good news is that YOU decide what platform to build.  You can reach, teach, and entertain your audience through video (YouTube for example), audio (podcasts), or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).


Regardless of whatever online platform you choose to base your business on, you’ll need a solid, well-designed website, where your audience can find you and consume what you produce for them, your all-important content.


Cliff J. Ravenscraft, from PodcastAnswerMan.com, has built a great business around podcasting and teaching its finer points.  However, Cliff still uses a website to communicate with his audience, share show notes, offer products, and announce upcoming events.  Many, if not most of his customers, find his podcast show via his website.


Just putting up a blog up, however, is not enough.


Story Time:  While I was seeking lots of information regarding location independence and how to make money with an online business, I came across lots of get-rich-quick schemes.  I even fell for one.  Thankfully, it wasn’t a lot of money (less that $150), but I vowed to be smarter and never to fall for another one.


The advice you’ll get here is about the fun (yes, fun!) and honest work of building a legitimate business platform.  A business that does not require spamming anybody or other shady tactics.


I’ll teach you how to do it smartly and efficiently.


What This Site is About


My main objectives are to:


  • Encourage you to live a location independent lifestyle.


  • Teach you to build a business platform that can support you financially from anywhere in the world.


  • Help you to design a lifestyle that allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.


Here, I share stories about different strategies I’ve tried.  I’ll also share information that I’ve learned about living abroad, including information about how to design a lifestyle that will allow you to enjoy your travels around the world.


Every week I’ll show you a new destination along my travel journey or spotlight desirable locations for digital nomads.  After all, travel is the point of location independence.


Keep up to date with updates and subscriber-only content.


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Whatever your current stage on your journey towards location independence, whether exploring how to start, or already living in the location of your dreams, I’d love to hear your questions and read your feedback.


Contact me and let me know what I can do to help you.  May the force be with you ;)


You can reach me at richpolanco (at) unwireme.com


  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Rich – love what I’ve read so far, have signed up for your newsletter and I am living in Guatemala! Antigua is a lovely town indeed.
    Your information regarding the 90 day ‘visa’ renewal has been very helpful and very detailed.
    Gracias amigo!

    • Rich says:

      Hi Sharon! Thanks for the feedback and for signing up for updates! Stay tuned, I’ve got a lot of updates coming. Videos, books, and LOTS of travel pics too.

      Say hi if you see me around town!


  2. hi, i just discovered your blog on google and i must say this blog is great. great advice.


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