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The Naked Truth About Location Independence

I’ll come right out and say it.  Building a location independent business is HARD.


The good news is that the payoff is worth so MUCH more than any dead-end, soul crushing job you can hope to retire from.


Achieving location independence does not mean signing up for a get-rich-quick scheme, or buying into a “surefire” system.  Way too many snake-oil salesmen will try to convince you otherwise, but don’t waste your money or time on them.


A shortcut to building an online business is only a way to fail faster.


Chasing the latest SEO or traffic-boosting trick often takes as much time as doing things right in the first place.


Like building any business, online or offline, the key is to make a long-term commitment to see your business grow.  Build it right, make a solid foundation, and your business will be built to last.


To be successful is to consistently do what’s necessary to achieve and maintain the ideal lifestyle that you’ve created for yourself.


Building an Online Business Platform


An online business platform is the medium that you choose to communicate

and solve your audience’s problems and/or fulfill their needs.


While for most people this means it will be a website or blog, the good news is that YOU decide what platform to build.  You can reach, teach, and engage your audience through video (YouTube for example), audio (podcasts), or social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc).


Regardless of whatever online platform you choose to base your business on, you’ll need to fight for and own these 3 things:


#1 – Your Message


If you don’t have a message, or purpose that you want to accomplish through your online business platform, you need to hit the drawing board before you do anything else.


Whatever it is you want to communicate, you need to make sure somebody wants to hear about what you’re saying.  Just because something is important to you, it doesn’t mean it will be for other people.


The easiest way to do find a “wanted message” is to address a problem that others are looking for solutions to.  And, YOU need to care deeply about solving that problem for them.


Discovering the need and addressing it in an exceptional manner is the hardest part.  The rest, as they say, it’s just painting by the numbers.


#2 – Your Brand


There’s a reason why companies spend millions of dollars promoting their products, sponsoring sporting events, and fiercely defending any trademark violation they come across.  Your brand MATTERS.


Just as with an offline businesses, you need to start developing a “look”, a “brand”, that is consistent.  When you start spreading the word about your business, keep in mind brand awareness.


You need to work hard to establish a positive association with your “brand” wherever it may pop up.  By design, or in totally unexpected ways.


Your brand can be your name, a logo, your website’s name, etc.  Anything that has your name attached to, what people say about you and your business and how others engage to it is part of your “brand”.


Once you’ve sown the seeds out there and spread the word about your business, you need to capitalize on visits by those who are curious enough to come by your site to check it out.


#3 – Your Platform


Your website is basically your core platform and all your other outreach efforts (Facebook page, Twitter account, podcast, etc) should have one goal in mind:  Bring them AND keep them on your site.


Think of these outreach platforms as extensions of your site that are always reaching out to other people that may not have come across your site any other way.


Your platform is the “paint-by-numbers” part I was talking about.  Good website design practices and other polished, professional ways to go about how you handle your other outreach platforms will make you that much more effective.


Are You Up To It?


What if I told you you’d be guaranteed success as long as you worked at it diligently and strived to be excellent to yourself and others?


What if I told you the hardest part was the decision to get started?


Are you ready to live the life you’ve imagined?


Will you fight for location independence?


“It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture.

It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult.”


About Rich Polanco

Fan of dogs + all things tech. Love a great pizza. My goal is not to travel to every country in the world. I only want to get to know my favorite ones REALLY well. Check out the big bio here. Follow @RichPolanco and connect on Facebook.
Currently exploring: Guatemala.


  1. Great post, Rich! And I think you’re right, the beginning is the most challenging part.

    • Absolutely! Once one gets over the mental hurdle of “should I do it or not”, the rest is putting one foot in front of the other.


  2. “Chasing the latest SEO or traffic-boosting trick often takes as much time as doing things right in the first place.” Exactly! Starting with a great idea that interests people is always going to be easier to maintain in the future than trying to trick your way to the front constantly.

    • Rich Polanco says:

      Hi Dave!

      Bingo! It all starts with a great idea that is ALSO of interest to others. Couldn’t put it better myself :)


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