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Overland Travel Through Central America: 3 Lessons Learned

So far, I'm at about a quarter of the way into my trip to Tierra Del Fuego, aka "The Ends of the Earth".  Common questions that pops up all the time is "Can you really drive all the way down there???" followed immediately by "Is it safe to do … [Read more...]

Part 2: Cape Breton, Reaching Meat Cove and Return Via Halifax

Today was the start of the last leg of the trip and the "starting point" for my Patagonia-bound journey.   The plan was to head up to Meat Cove, the furthest point north on Earth I would go in this particular journey.  I have already seen … [Read more...]

Part I: Driving Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, World Top 10 Scenic Drive

I've always wanted to visit Nova Scotia, if only for the chance to drive its beautiful coastline.  For the most part, I've always been attracted to seascapes more than any other landscape.  And if rugged coastlines with blue water stretching as far … [Read more...]

Drive the Americas: St Lawrence Market Toronto and Impressive CN Tower

Today was an action-packed day.  I had planned to spend a good chunk of the day in Toronto, but I still wasn't sure were I'd be headed to next.  Since I had visited Montreal more than once in the past, I did not have a desire to revisit it again for … [Read more...]

Drive the Americas: Amazing Niagara Falls Pictures and Unusual Food

I woke up early, rested, and looking to see as much of the area around Niagara Falls as possible.  The view from the hotel room at dawn was impressive.  I had breakfast, took another peek from the hotel room and headed out to check out Horseshoe … [Read more...]