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Is Your Blog Struggling to Get Traction? How to BE AWESOME in 3 Steps!

Do you know how many blogs are out there right now?  Go on, take a guess…


How about 181 MILLION and counting!  This means that there are likely A LOT of blogs out there, right now, probably competing for the same audience you’re aiming for.


What does this mean for you?  Should you quit before you even start?  Or change the target audience you’re aiming for?


Yes and No on both counts.


The answer is not to give up before starting.  It is knowing where to start.


It is not changing your target audience every week.  It’s about knowing who exactly your is your audience.


Once you know where your focus should be, who your clients/audience/tribe are, it will mainly come down to these 3 things:


Content is King


You’ve probably heard that phrase before.  But I’m not talking about posting for the sake of posting, just to fill space.


I’m talking about delivering helpful/entertaining/informative content.  Always strive to put your best material forward.


Some days this won’t be easy.  It’s OK, we all struggle from time to time.


But don’t let that discourage you.  Practice and nurture a true desire to offer content that you KNOW your audience will like.


Your Site’s Design Matters


Does your site look like it was built in 1999?  Time to freshen it up and give it a facelift.


Does your online platform look exactly like every other average ho-hum average WordPress blog?  Spice it up!


You don’t need a $100 dollar theme to make your site your own, to stand out.  I use a free WordPress theme, one that is out there for everyone to grab.


Does that means I have to stick to default colors and layouts?  No way.


I want to be memorable, and so should you.  It takes just 3 seconds for a new visitor to have an impression of your website.  Don’t be boring and make it look like your average blog.  Give it some personality and style of your own and make it stand out!


Offer Something That is Rare


Notice I said “rare” and not “unique“.  Chances are that with 181 million blogs, someone is likely doing it too.


What do people on your chosen niche rarely do?  For example, you might have a site geared around travel.  Everyone will likely post lots of pictures in that niche.


But what about video?  That reduces the number of similar sites by A LOT.


Better yet, what about a podcast where you talk about your travel experiences? You’ll definitely be the rare breed there.


You don’t have to be “Unique” when “Rare” will do.


To recap, these are my 3 takeaways for today:


1) Deliver Great Content (Relevant to your audience)


2) Have a Great Design (Simple, yet that it’s your own and stands out)


3) Stand Out by Offering What Few Don’t (Don’t reinvent the wheel to be “unique”).


Do what others are too lazy/afraid to try.


I’m creating a step-by-step guide, “Create a Solid Online Business Platform in 30 Days” that will help you build a solid website platform from scratch. This guide will be free to e-mail subscribers, so that’s one reason to sign up and receive my newsletter.


Another reason is to keep up to date with updates and subscriber-only content.  You can always unsubscribe at any time, even if all you want to receive is the guide.
Keep tuned in and check back Mondays for business building info, Wednesdays for content related to expat life, and Fridays for tons of travel pictures as I do an on-the ground report spotlighting a travel destination.


I’d love a shout out on Facebook and if you sign up for e-mail updates.


Also, check out my Pinterest page about Antigua Guatemala, one of the prettiest colonial cities in the world and latest digital nomad destination I’m trying out.


*Image: A6U571N @ Flickr

About Rich Polanco

Fan of dogs + all things tech. Love a great pizza. My goal is not to travel to every country in the world. I only want to get to know my favorite ones REALLY well. Check out the big bio here. Follow @RichPolanco and connect on Facebook.
Currently exploring: Guatemala.


  1. Very informative post. I started blogging recently, so this will help.

    • Great! Keep us posted about how it goes and write if there’s anything I can help you with.


  2. Good stuff. Thanks for the advice!

  3. Love it! Concise and to the point. You don’t stand out, you get lost at sea.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. Your blog is exceptionally useful to me!

    • Rich says:

      I really appreciate the kind words. Let me know if there’s a topic I can touch on that will help you on your journey :)


  5. Great Post. the bit about informative/helpful/entertaining is good. I’d like to add one more bit of advice. Be yourself.. that can be the hardest thing. I really struggled when I first recorded videos, but practice is getting me closer to perfect!

    • Rich Polanco says:

      Hi Keith!

      Absolutely. The hardest thing is getting what you have to say out there in your own voice. Get it out, worry about tailoring later, once you have some experience under your belt :)


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