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Increase Posting Frequency With WordPress For iPhone

Lately, I’ve wanted to try something a little different. I haven’t been posting as often as I’ve wanted, so I needed a way to fix this.


The obvious issue is that I haven’t been spending enough time in front of the computer.


Since I’ve started working on other cool stuff (book writing, developing another site, photo shoots for another project, etc.), time in front of the laptop has gone way down, directly affecting posting frequency.


I had to find a solution.


Using WordPress for iPhone App


To post this, I’m using my iPod Touch and the official WordPress for IOS app (free on iTunes). I’m hoping it encourages more “spur-of-the-moment” posts, which will serve to bridge between my longer, more detailed posts.


Note:  The WordPress app is also available for Android, which I’ve yet to test.


While lacking the visual editor of the web interface, the WordPress app does give you the ability to preview how added code will look:




Uploading and adding pictures from the photo library is simple enough, although you’ll have to center pictures manually (change “alignnone” to “aligncenter”).


The WordPress app also allows you to approve and reply to comments, add pages, assign posts to categories and access your WordPress dashboard:




One thing to remember when writing new posts is to first change your post status from “Publish” to “Draft”, via the Settings menu, to avoid the risk of publishing your post before it’s ready.


You’ll know you’re in “Publish” mode when… the button at the top-right says “Publish” instead of “Update”:




In order to post from the WordPress app you need to do a couple of things:


First, add your blog’s login information (username and password).


If your blog is on your own hosting account, choose the “Self-Hosted” option. The WordPress.com option is for those that have their blogs hosted at WordPress.com.




Another setting to check is whether your blog allows posting via XML-RPC, the default communication protocol used by the WordPress app. Enable it by logging into your WordPress installation and going to Settings > Writing, and checking the proper box:




With the latest WordPress app it’s also possible to use the Atom publishing protocol. Either one works fine. Just remember to enable it on your blog and to specify it on the app as well:




When you’re ready to publish, change post status to “Published” and hit the “Publish” button. The new WordPress app also allows you to set a Featured Image here as well:




You can also view visitor stats through your WordPress app. To do this, you have to install the Jetpack plugin and create an account on WordPress.com.


The Jetpack plugin adds a few more interesting capabilities.  Foe example, it will add a mobile theme to your site, if you don’t have one.  It also has a proofreading function, useful if you need to improve your writing beyond what a spell-checker can offer.


While not quite as good as the real WordPress dashboard, the app is great for quick posts.


No need to let great thoughts and post ideas gather dust. Share them with the world!

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