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Get More Traffic: Write Better Headlines With Bitly Hacking (Training Video)

If you want to drive people to your site through social media, you absolutely need to master headline writing. This skill (also called copy-writing) is essential if you want to bring people back to your site.


If your headlines sucks, people won’t come and check out your content, no matter how great and insightful it is.


I’ve prepared a short training video that shows you how I test my headlines on Twitter and track their performance by doing what is known as “split testing”. It’s not rocket science but a great tool to start using as you become better at improving your marketing efforts.



If you have any questions or comments about the video or the technique, I’d be glad to answer your questions in the comments below!


*Image by gbergin @ Flickr

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  1. Good point! a headline is, in my opinion, also one of the most important things when writing articles. Especially because you have to compete with so many other articles. It should convince potential readers to read the first paragraph of your article. And the first paragraph should convince people to read the rest! Thanks for sharing!

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