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Hey guys, great news! I’ve figured out a way to finally get your platform on track, for free. Yup, that’s right. A professional WordPress install, set up for business, at no cost to youSweet, huh?


And we’re not talking about a 1990s-style website or an amateur-type website either. You know the ones I’m talking about. Sites that look as if they were built by someone who cobbled up the pieces as they went along. Which is totally fine IF you’re doing it as a hobby (a very cool one at that).


But if you’re serious about building a business, or have even the slightest inclination that one day you may like to turn it into a business like I have, you can’t afford to start on the wrong foot. It pays off to have a professional-looking setup from day one. A site that can grow with you, not hold you back.


How am I able to offer this?


Because I have an agreement with the best company to host your blog, BlueHost. Which by the way, is the one recommended by the makers of WordPress as the place to host your WordPress installation. I get a referral fee when new clients sign up through my Setup Service. In other words, the hosting company ends paying for my time to set up your site. Awesome, ain’t it?


Why pay for hosting when one can get a free blog elsewhere?


Sites like Blogger are great… for certain things. For example, you can get your feet wet blogging there if you’ve never done it before. You’ll start running into issues the minute you want to step out of the little box they put you in. Your hands will be tied because you don’t truly own the site. They can, for any reason they can come up with, shut down your blog forever. Everything you’ve built… *poof*… gone.


They also limit which plugins you can install, which can severely diminish the functionality of your blog. Not cool.


You’ll also be limited to their pre-approved WordPress themes. Last, they will also limit or outright ban the selling of products and/or services they don’t approve of. Which kinda defeats the purpose of setting up a web biz in the first place.


For these reasons, 99.9% of the time I’ll recommended people go the self-hosted route. This means you need to buy a domain name for around $10, something like


***NOTE: Bluehost is offering a free domain with sign up right now. Well worth grabbing.***


Once you have your domain name, it’s just a matter of setting up hosting, which is how your web site will actually be accessible to anyone that wants to visit it. Depending on the options you choose, hosting will run you anywhere between $4 to $10 a month. Not a bad business investment at all.


What if you install WordPress yourself?


Bluehost offers a “one-click install”, which provides a bare-bones install of WordPress on your site. Your site will be online with a very basic theme. What would you be missing out on without my professional installation? Glad you asked!


Here’s what you’ll get with a professional install:



 WordPress Install

I configure your site and verify it’s online. Not quite ready to launch? A countdown timer page gets visitors ready for your grand opening.



Configure Plugins

To take full advantage of hosting capabilities, I add and configure some of the best WordPress plugins available.


 Responsive Theme

Choose between 7 of the hottest responsive themes. Your site will look great no matter which device it’s viewed on. Check them out!


 Social Media Ready

Site configured for easy sharing of your content and blog posts among popular social networks.


Performance Reports

Site configured to use Google Analytics. Keep track of your progress and popularity.


Contact Form

Avoid spam and keep in touch with fans with an integrated contact form.


SEO Configuration

Site is configured for maximum search engine visibility.


Feedburner Setup

Configured to create RSS feed so visitors can subscribe to receive your posts via e-mail.


Backup Configuration

Nothing more frustrating than losing your information. Set up backup from day one and you never have to worry about mishaps again.


 How to get your free install:


The process is straightforward, and easily completed in three steps.


Step #1- Sign up for my free mailing list below.


Once you confirm your subscription (check your spam folder if you don’t see it within an hour of subscribing!), I’ll send you a promotional link that’ll get you a great deal when you sign up for Bluehost hosting.


Step #2- Sign up for Bluehost hosting.


You must sign up using this link so that Bluehost pays me for your install, so watch for it on your welcome e-mail. You’ll also get a link to download my free e-book, “7 Days to a Better Web Platform”, which will help you tremendously if you’re just starting out.



Step #3- When you sign up for Bluehost hosting, send me an e-mail at richpolanco (at), or through the Contact Form on my site. Once I verify your Bluehost sign up, I’ll give you a heads up via e-mail and your site will be up, ready to rock within 48 hours.


And that’s it! Sign up below to have a professionally installed site in no-time flat!

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