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Last year, I was sitting in an air conditioned office, at my own desk, working at a cushy office job wondering where my life was headed.  Even in this tough economy, my job afforded me a salary well above what the average person makes in a year.  By all accounts, I was in the perfect situation.


Except I wasn’t.


I was involved in work that I was no longer passionate about.


To make matters worse, my family was living in Guatemala.


I had done due diligence and filed the required paperwork with US immigration officials to allow us to reunite in the US.  But US officials wouldn’t budge.


When Life Presents You Choices


After my soon-to-be wife endured a “not-so-pleasant” rejection in her last visit with immigration officials, I was presented with three choices, of which only the last two were realistic.


I could:


1)  Forget about my family and continue my life without them (non-starter)


2)  Keep playing the immigration game by filing out more forms, pay more fees, and hope for the best


3)  Figure out how we were going to support ourselves and how to make the transition


Every day you’ll be faced with choices.  They are, whether you acknowledge them as such or not, enabled by the options you have in life.


The fact that you’re able to read this on the Internet, at this time, was a result of options available to you.  You’ve made a choice, using the options available to you, about how to spend this very minute of your life.


Some people are rarely presented with options, thus limiting their choices greatly.


While we may not always be in the best of situations, one thing you should always be thankful for is for the options that you do have.


I’m thankful for having the option to:


Dress however I want.


Hug my family whenever I want.


Learn whatever I want.


Travel wherever I want.


Sometimes, these choices won’t always present themselves in the form of a closet full of clothes.  Or in the shape of a restaurant menu.


But they are there if you’re willing to look and exercise the options you’ve been presented with.


What Happens When the Right Options Aren’t Available?


I’ve always had the travel bug, but like many, I never thought I’d be able to do it long-term.


Much less indefinitely.


Travel was always something you did during a two-week vacation, or a long weekend if you were feeling adventurous.


That’s when I started researching and discovered that not only was it possible, but that if I applied myself, I could live pretty much anywhere I pleased.  And go on crazy adventures (props to Dan, from TheRoadChoseMe.com for the inspiration).


But most importantly, I could be with my family.


There were many doubts about the future, but one thing I could not do was stay the course.


So I decided to start my personal journey.  Whatever lay ahead, good, or bad, so be it.


The choices would be mine to make.


When the options you want aren’t available,

it is your choice to do what is within your power

to make sure those options are available.


When Others Don’t Agree With Your Choices


Once I excitedly told others of my plans, there was no shortage of skeptics.


“The road is too dangerous!” (Not even a flat tire the entire trip).

“You’ll get kidnapped!” (Umm… didn’t happen).

“Life as an expat is hard!” (Yup… it truly sucks. See this, this, this, and this).


The truth is, when you set out to do something out of the ordinary, people will unconsciously project their own fears and insecurities upon those taking the road less traveled.


Believe in what you want to do

and commit to figuring out how to do it.


The #1 reason why dreams never come true?


People never get past the dream stage and into the action stage.


What is Life Like When You Set Out to Live Your Dreams?


Fast-forward to today and I’m living with much less stress, working on projects I want to work on, and learning new things every day.


Life is what you make of it.  There is more than one way to write your life story.  It’s your choice.


Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.


What are you doing today to write the story of your life?

Would it be filled with regret for not doing the things you wished to do?

Or will you be able to say you did it your way?


Digital Nomad


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About Rich Polanco

Fan of dogs + all things tech. Love a great pizza. My goal is not to travel to every country in the world. I only want to get to know my favorite ones REALLY well. Check out the big bio here. Follow @RichPolanco and connect on Facebook.
Currently exploring: Guatemala.


  1. James Handy says:

    What a great inspiring story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dianne says:

    Great job Rich! I do check this site often as it is very good and informative.

  3. J M Cooper says:

    Awesome – and right on the money. I’ve been digital-nomad-ing and freelancing for a while, and nothing beats the freedom. Currently in Portugal – next month, who knows! Great resources for aspiring digital nomads here: http://www.digitalnomadjobs.com/

    • Rich Polanco says:

      Thanks for the comment, J M!

      How do you like Portugal? I hear the food is outstanding!



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