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Content That Resonates: 3 Powerful Hidden Triggers to Boost Engagement

One of my biggest struggles as a blogger has been trying to figure out how to connect with people. If you’ve blogged for any length of time, you’ll know what I mean. People don’t comment enough on the blog, don’t retweet your stuff enough. It can feel at times like a whole lot of effort is spend just to stay in place.


So I’ve done a bit of analysis on my blog, read some books – which I’ll share in detail later- trying to figure out how to best engage with casual visitor. The goal is to eventually turn them into long-term readers.


The first clue as to whether your post is connecting is reflected on the number of comments for that post. It stands that the more comments people leave, the more your content resonates, right? Well, not exactly. It may be that you wrote about a topic many have strong opinions about. People will be very vocal if they disagree with you. But for the most part, if the comments are positive and praise your insight, you might take that as a sign people dig that particular post.


What about share, likes and retweets? Again, that depends on many factors. Time and day you post your link is a factor, as is the quality of your headline.


So what happens if you’re not getting the comments and social media shares that you expect? Then it’s time to concentrate on how you’re framing you content.


Content Framing Technique


If all you want is to preach to the wind, then the following doesn’t apply. If you’re a producer of media – an author, blogger, educator, podcast host, etc – you’re really in the persuasion business. Doesn’t matter whether you want them to buy your book or start a movement, there’s an action you’re trying to inspire someone to take.


Framing Content

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Here’s where content framing comes in. Content framing is basically about laying out your content in a way that provides actionable information for your reader. When you write or deliver content ask yourself “How do I lay out it so that it’s as helpful as possible?” If there is not tangible benefit for the reader, rewrite until it does.


People are focused on themselves and your online platform’s job is to provide a specific solution to a problem that they have. It’s that simple.



People – you and me included – are constantly searching for answers to question the have or problems they need to solve. That’s what we do every time we Google search. And that’s the secret to building a brand that matters. Ask yourself this:


When people visit your site, what are they looking for? Specifically, what question or problem are they seeking an answer or solution to?


You may have interesting stories on your blog, or amazing pictures, but until you can give people specific answers or solutions, you’ll have tough go of turning your platform into a business.


So, what is the basis for a good online business platform? Your content has to matter to them. Next, you’ll find what is the content that matters most.


What Type of Content Resonates Most?


When it comes to content that matters, there are three topics people care more about than anything else.  There are three triggers that all people, no matter where they come from or where they live, worry about:


#1 – How much money they have or make (or are not making)


#2 – The relationships they’re in (or not in)


#3 – Their health (whether mental, physical, or emotional).


For your content to be relevant, it has to resonate with people in at least one of these three areas.


Now, don’t think you’re locked in to talking about these three topics. How you frame your topic to these three subjects is what will help it resonate with your readers. I’ve tried all sorts of approaches and what consistently engages people is offering a solution related to these three needs.


The connection won’t always be apparent, but it is your job to provide actionable information that will help your audience in one of these three areas.


For example, this post touches on two areas, which are relationships and wealth. How? Because by helping you frame your content to help you audience’s needs, I’m providing you with information that will improve your relationship with your audience and help you turn your online platform into a more efficient business (more $$$).


Think of your content in the context of helping others build relationships, create or preserve wealth, and to improve their mental, emotional, and physical health. I guarantee you will see a marked improvement in the quality of your content and your connection to your audience.


What’s your experience been like?

Share in the comments below!

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