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The November 2013 Issue of Our Location360° Slow Travel Magazine is Here!

Slow Travel Magazine

I'm pleased to announce that November's issue of Location360° has been submitted to iTunes! If you're a subscriber (why haven't you? It's free!), or the proud owner of your very own copy of the Living in Antigua Guatemala guide, you should be … [Read more...]

The 10 Rules of Slow Travel – You’re Not a Cow, Why Travel Like One?

Slow Travel Manifesto

Psssst... Hey you... Yes, the good-looking one. Yes, of course you! Come here... I want to let you in on a little secret, which I'll spell out in the Slow Travel manifesto below. Some have heard of it, but it's a good bet many people you know haven't … [Read more...]

10 Memorable Traveling Quotes for People Who Want to Live Abroad

traveling quotes

Nothing can quite inspire you to travel like a good set of travel quotes. Not sightseeing, but I'm talking slow travel, the kind that stays with you long after you've returned home.   Check out 10 of my favorite traveling quotes below, in … [Read more...]

Location360°: Free Slow Travel Magazine for Digital Nomads, iPad & PDF

Slow Travel Magazine

Looking for free iPad magazines? You're in luck! Just wanted to share the results of my latest project, Location360°, a new travel magazine for people interested in Slow Travel and the Digital nomad lifestyle.   I've always wanted to … [Read more...]

How to Find Meaning (and Wild Success!) Through Your Work

Flickr @ opensourceway

We like things easy. It's OK to admit it, even though doing so goes against everything you've been thought.   Why do some people insist that meaningful work must be hard? Frustration and struggle are not a core requirement for life or a … [Read more...]

How to Master Slow Travel and Kiss that Tiny Two-Week Vacation Goodbye

El Paredon Guatemala

I have a confession to make... My "travel" feet are itching again. As wonderful as Antigua Guatemala is, I can't envision living here the rest of my life. At least not yet. But I'm glad I've lived here for as long as I have (over a year), learning … [Read more...]

5 Location Independence Myths Debunked

location independence

One of the knocks I often hear about people hesitant to seek location independence is that they don't want to live life out of a suitcase. And I totally get that, because it's not something I'd want to do either. But often, I'll come across these … [Read more...]

The 3 Step Formula to Quit Wasting Time and Find Your Life’s Purpose

How to find your life purpose

Quick question: If I were to ask you "Who are you?", what would you answer? Most people answer this question in the following form: "I'm an engineer", or "I'm an accountant", or "I'm a (fill in the blank)."   Much of our dissatisfaction … [Read more...]