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10 Personal Reasons Why I Love Being Location Independent

This week, I’ve been reflecting about the differences between my former life in the US and my location independent lifestyle.  As expected, some things here don’t work quite like they do back home, which can cause a bit of nostalgia for the way things were.


But then I realize that designing one’s lifestyle is not an easy process.  It takes a lot of trial and error.


Fortunately, it’s a mostly intuitive process.


Deep down, everyone really knows what they want out of life.

Most are just afraid to go out and get it.


We humans aren’t creatures that like change.  And even when we desperately need change, we cling to our old lifestyles until circumstances drag us into our new life.  Usually kicking and screaming.


And I have to wonder…


Why Don’t Most People Seek to Become Location Independent?


Why aren’t more people proactive about fixing their lot in life?


What is so great about a possession-binge lifestyle?  One that produces stress, zaps energy and creativity, and leaves us longing for the few weeks each year where we can get away from the same things we work so hard to acquire?


This was the “philosophical” state of mind I was in that made me reflect what I had enjoyed so far about my current lifestyle.


A Lifestyle Design Experiment


I really like the results I’m getting out of my lifestyle design experiment, though I’m not 100% there yet.  But so far, it’s been a good start.


Here are 10 personal reasons why I think it’s great being location independent:


#1 –  I don’t have to hear about Snooki, the Kardashian sisters, or Lindsay Lohan, unless I want to.  Which is to say… never.


#2 –  Here, vegetable and fruits ARE the cheap food and fast food the luxury.  Not the other way around.


#3 –  US Politics are something I rarely discuss with anyone anymore…  because NOBODY here cares.  I wonder if there’s a correlation with that, and my suddenly lower blood-pressure…


#4 –  I love being able to choose exactly the city I want to live in.  There have been quite a few that tempted me, but the current one captured my heart.


#5 –  Professional medical care doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Just 2,000GTQ [worldcurrency curr=”GTQ” value=”2000.00″] for a root canal?  Really?  That’s all?


#6 –  I’m able to spend with my family as much time as I want to.  Just not possible before, when my old job required me to work 50-60 hours a week, sometimes on weekends.


#7 –  I currently enjoy awesome natural wonders close by.  In the US, it took hours of driving time just to get out of the state.  I do other countries now, not other states.


#8 –  I’m now able to work on projects that interest me, not random, pointless work tasks that drive metrics that don’t matter.


#9 –  It has forced me out of my comfort zone and to get rid of the unimportant things in my life.


#10 –  I get to live a life of no regrets, not one wondering what could’ve been.


What are your reasons for NOT being location independent?

About Rich Polanco

Fan of dogs + all things tech. Love a great pizza. My goal is not to travel to every country in the world. I only want to get to know my favorite ones REALLY well. Check out the big bio here. Follow @RichPolanco and connect on Facebook.
Currently exploring: Guatemala.


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